About Me

I am a student of Technology, AI and Marketing at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to joining CMU in 2016, I completed my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi in 2011. Subsequently, I spent 5 years working as a quantitative strategist for Goldman Sachs.

I am currently working on two streams of research – (i) Human - AI interface and (ii) Peer to peer financial technology. On the first stream, I investigate inefficiencies in how humans react to algorithmic decisions and how algorithms learn from human actions. On the second stream, I am studying security and information asymmetry issues in peer to peer Financial Technology  (e.g., Bitcoin, Smart Contracts). In both cases, the goal is to provide policy guidance or directly upgrade these nascent technologies. I use a variety of research methods including Machine Learning, Game Theory and Structural Econometric Modeling. I also teach an undergraduate business administration course on FinTech.

Please reach out over email for quantitative analytics projects, consulting and research opportunities in industry. I will be happy to share my previous exploratory industry collaborations in FinTech and Big-Data analytics. 

Research under review

A dynamic analysis of beauty premium with Singh, P. V. , Srinivasan K. and Lee D.

Why Bitcoin will Fail to Scale? with Aseri M., Singh, P. V. , Srinivasan K.

Deep Learning in Computer Vision: Methods, Interpretation, Causation and Fairness with Singh, P. V. 

Preparing for submission

Bitcoin disruption in Payments - Winners and Losers with Aseri M., Singh, P. V. 

Research In-Progress

Role of naive consumers in ICO crowdsale with Singh, P. V. , Mehta, N., Srinivasan K.

Can banks survive the next financial crisis? An adversarial deep learning model for bank stress testing with Khan U., Singh, P. V. 

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