Vision, ML and Economics

Do AI algorithms create financial bubbles?

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Computer Vision - Interpretation, Causality and Fairness 

A short tutorial on deep learning methods for computer vision application targeted toward business and operations researchers.

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Looks Bias

We study career trajectory of 20,000 MBA graduates to identify the size and source of bias for attractive looks. 

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We also show that even among individuals with similar attractiveness, looks perceived as competent, extrovert and dependable help career progress. 

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Advertisement Perceptions

We study what product visuals get most customer clicks and purchases – 1) Photographs background, 2) Age, ethnicity, looks and expressions of the fashion model, 3) Model pose (confident, gentle, threatening). As an example, we show that models with snobbish expressions work well for a high end expensive brand but drives consumers away if used by a cheap brand. 

(In collaboration with Adobe)


Dynamic Structural Econometrics and Reinforcement Learning

An exploratory attempt at connecting - (i) structural econometric models of forward looking rational human behavior and (ii) Deep RL objective maximizing robotic agents in multi agent settings. 

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Virtual Reality

An undergraduate engineering project to develop a single camera real time 3D VR on parallel computing architecture.

Finance & Technology

Role of Naive Consumers in ICO Crowdsale

We show the necessary role of naive investors in crowd-sale to  fore-tell ICO success. 

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Why Bitcoin will Fail to Scale?

We show economics behind a Bitcoin contradiction - it can either be scaled or secured, but not both. 

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Bitcoin Disruption in Payments – Winners and Losers

We show how existing methods of cross border payments (e.g., Bank Wire Transfers, SWIFT, Credit Cards) may not only survive but benefit from entry of FinTech alternatives (e.g., Bitcoin, Ripple, TransferWise)

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Business Literature Review - Blockchain

A short review of blockchain and crypto-currency literature targeted for a business researcher.

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Artificial Intelligence for Financial Stress Testing 

We propose a generative deep learning method to create stress testing economic scenarios with greater likelihood of occurrence and higher threat to banks than current CCAR stress testing by US financial regulators.

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